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Beta Sitosterol Capsules In India
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to correlate the figures so gained with what we want
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may not appear for a year or more after the cessation
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fully to conform to the rigorous behests of this treatment. This,
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tic is first administered, and then the following :
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seemed desirable. They have reached the general con-
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ROW, WILLIAM, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A., Market Overton, Oakham, Rutland.
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are three semicircular outlines; the upper one repre-
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spirited citizens, representatives of colleges, medical
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position after it has been inserted through the cardiac
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important point in this wide and intricate subject, so
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In cases of hysterical aphonia a cure is often effected
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tively feeble pulsation in its upper part. This gentleman con-
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104°, A. M., appetite capricious, tongue heavily coated and
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various State legislative officials and others interested
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of this being the source of the pulsating tumour is further increased
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chest, headache, dyspnc^a, and some sweUing of the face and body
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tion apparatus, Dr. Lee said he knew of nothing better
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Great care is had during convalescence from peritonitis to

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